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Part-Time Music // Top 100 Artists via

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

One thing that I like to do every now and then is check in on my profile and look at some of the statistics they’ve accumulated about my music listening habits. One stat I find particularly interesting is seeing how many artists I’ve listened to over 100 times — something that, on average, amounts to about 6 hours of continuous music. Well this time when I checked in it just so happened that an even 100 artists had at least 100 plays, so I thought I would share the results with you guys. The following is the cream of the crop Top 10 with the entire list plus analysis after the jump (included as well are the number of plays):

1. Ryan Adams // 609
2. Bright Eyes // 576
3. Lil’ Wayne // 542
4. The Mountain Goats // 503
5. Sunset Rubdown // 443
6. Wilco // 438
7. Radiohead // 408
8. Stars // 406
9. of Montreal // 368
10. Kanye West // 350


Ben Gibbard // Covers

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Ben Gibbard loves the cover songs – and by loves and I mean he has an uncontrollable need to cover everything under the sun. No artist, no song is off limit when Gibbard picks up his acoustic guitar and declares “OK, this one is a cover song”. Here are just a few examples of the, literally, countless Youtube videos of Gibbard playing non-Death Cab & non-Postal Service songs: