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PT Music Mixxx // Groovvve Bloom

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

I don’t care what Punxsutawney Phil says, it’s freaking springtime in Portland RIGHT NOW! To celebrate the handful of sunny days we’ve had this past month (my standard for declaring a season change is pretty damn low), I put this mix together while boxing up my SAD lamp and dusting off my sunglasses. Ah spring: summer’s warm-up act.

You can download the hour-long mix here (92.5Mb). As for the tracklist, it’s mostly new(er) stuff with some sprinklings of old favorites here and there:

  • RxRy // Baulkn Slihts
  • Ducktails // Oh, Magnolia Tree
  • Sonny and The Sunsets // Too Young to Burn
  • King Tuff // Sun Medallion
  • Memoryhouse // Foreground (Grizzly Bear Cover)
  • Cibelle // Lightworks
  • Javelin // Mossy Woodland
  • El Rego et ses Commandose // E Nan Mian Nuku
  • Dominant Legs // Clawing Out at the Walls
  • Efterklang // Modern Drift
  • The Sandwitches // Grey Wizard
  • Julian Lynch // Banana Jam Pt. 1
  • Primary 1 // Foaming (Memory Tapes Remix)
  • El Guicho // Prez Lagarto
  • Tamaryn // Light Shadows

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