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A Year In… // Brief Recap

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

This past January marked my one year anniversary of running this site (well, taking into consideration my summer hiatus for my thesis, more like 6 months). What started out as a simple section on my personal google sites page while I was overseas for grad. school, PT Music has slowly morphed into a regularly updated assortment of posts with monthly readership in the thousands. While I would by no means classify it as a “successful” blog, the site is a testament on the connectivity of the 21st century and the smallness of the world nowadays.

At this time, I thought I would share some of the more popular things about the site over the past year in a nice little “in a nutshell” post.

Most Popular Concert Videos:
1st // Casiokids Live at Roskilde in 2008 (12,772 views)

2nd // New Song from The National (11,458 views)
3rd // MGMT performing “Weekend Wars” Live at Roskilde 2008 (7,719 views)

A bit surprising when I went to check the stats on my flickr page, but the most viewed concert photos by far were some terribly grainy shots I took at a Tegan and Sara show almost two years ago. Most likely due to getting picked up by some fan forum, it’s nevertheless still sad to see some of my better photo sets be dwarfed in comparison. Oh well!

Most popular Concert Photos:
1st // Tegan & Sara Live in Copenhagen (1,267 views)

2nd // Wavves Live in Munich (206 views)

3rd // Neko Case Live in Munich (64 views)

Most Popular Posts:
1st // PT Music’s Top 41 Albums of 2009 (1,526 page views)

2nd // Keyboard Sample Pad (1,322 page views)

3rd // Guest List: Burgers’s Top 30 Songs of 2009 (862 page views)

The next section I have no solid numbers on, but based on page views of track reviews as well as the number of referenced sites, I think I can gauge roughly which mp3s had the most downloads:

Most Popular mp3 Download:
1st // Moonface: Dreamland EP

2nd // Rainbow Bridge: Big Wave Rider

3rd // PT Music’s Laid & Paid Weekend Mix

Well that does it for the concise recap of the past year or so. Here’s to a musically prosperous 2010!!