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Videos for the Veekend // 5|7 – 5|9

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Man, it just seems like a couple of posts ago I was doing last weeks video round-up (sorry, I promise to post more in the future)… Let’s get it rolling:

Starting off this week’s list are two videos that were posted on Gorilla vs. Bear. The first is a premier of a Big Star cover by recent Sincerely Yours signee Kendal Johansson (which you can order his 7” here) while the second is the official video from the latest Forest Family Records (a label co-run by Chris from GvB) additions Gauntlet Hair:

Although I was a bit disappointed with Yeasayer’s latest LP and I am certainly NOT a fan of the Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells, I have to admit that this video, (drunkenly) recorded by ‘Sup Magazine, might ever-so-slightly help relieve the unsavory aftertaste both groups have left me recently.

It seems like Beach House has become a staple on these video recaps. Here are two live recordings (the first from Webster Hall in NYC and the second from Coachella) that are sure to please both the rabid fan and the casual listener:

Nothing else to say about this Weezer “Sweater Song” cover by Titus Andronicus other than EPIC:

I caught the US/Swedish band Dag för Dag a year ago open for the Handsome Furs in Munich and since then have forgot about them until I noticed they got a new video up for their track “Hands and Knees”. If they make it stateside soon, I suggest checking them out:

And to cap this round-up off is another excellent video collage done by Jheri over at Get Off the Coast, this time for the verbosely named Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands‘s track “Vulture Funk”:

Handsome Furs // Munich // April 18, 2009

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Sorry for the brevity as I am about knee deep in thesis writing write now, but I really wanted to pass this one along.

I caught the Handsome Furs show live in Munich the other night, and man was it a great! Chock full of high energy songs for the main set (bookended by the exceptional “Legal Tender” and “Radio Kaliningrad” off of their newly released LP Face Control), they slowed it down a lot for the encore, closing with “Dead + Rural” and this new piece called “Apathy”.

As always, I have the pictures I took posted on my flickr page, so check them out! After May 1, I’ll post a more complete account of the show, I promise…

Oh yeah one more thing, the opener, Dag för Dag, was REALLY amazing. I went head an bought three of their about-to-be-release EPs so I can give them out sometime. You can check them out at their myspace, but I have to say seeing them live solidified my fandom.

EDIT // The video I took got picked up by the good guys down at iguessimfloating!