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Veronica Falls // Bad Feeling

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Seems after a year of no news, we’ve been hit with a slew of Veronica Falls releases/tours/tracks in a span of two weeks — and I couldn’t be happier. Most posts center around their new 7” being released on Slumberland Records (which you can cop here). Slumberland has posted a stream to the A-side title track and Steregum premiered the video — all of which you can check out below. In addition, Weekly Tape Deck shared what looks to be a fan-made video for the VF’s track “Come On Over” (a twinge of loss when hearing it’s not a Christian Aguilar cover) which is a song scheduled for their upcoming LP, also on Slumberland.

Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling by Slumberland Records

Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

Veronica Falls – Come On Over from Army Of Kids on Vimeo.

Oregon Bike Trails // High School Lover

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Two days ago, I was thinking to myself, “hmm, I wonder what one of my favorite labels, Father/Daughter Records, have been up to lately.” Literally, ten minutes later I get an e-mail from them announcing a new 7” from the un-Oregon origin band Oregon Bike Trails. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while since OBT first burst on the scene a couple of months back and was quick to hit the pre-order button on this awesome 7”. Check out the smooth-pop A-side “High School Lover” below (in both audio and video form) and if you dig what you hear, odds are you’ll probably like everything else from the Father/Daughter backlist.

Oregon Bike Trails // High School Lover

Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover from Cool Things I Find on Vimeo.

Outfit // Two Island’s 7”

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

There is a lot of things I miss about living in Europe, one of which that resides near the top of the list is the ability to get records from European labels without international shipping. Case in point: every single Double Denim Records release. Their latest is courtesy of the Liverpudlian (or more accurately Wirralian) un-googleable psych-pop band Outfit.

To celebrate the pre-order, Double Denim is streaming both sides of the 7” from their soundcloud page (which you can check out below). The A-side “Two Islands” is the clear winner of the two. Opening with experimental drones/groans for a good eighty seconds, the noise gets pushed aside (but not forgotten) by the pure pop sprightly vocals of singer Andrew Hunt. The six-plus minute song could be classified as noise-pop but not in the traditional sense: instead of meshing the two genres in a mess that you can sing along to, “Two Islands” keeps to its namesake and separates the noise from the pop making for a disjoint, yet compelling, listen. Check out it out below as well as the less impressive B-side “Vehicles.”

DD007 A1: Outfit // Two Islands by Double Denim Records

DD007 B1: Outfit // Vehicles by Double Denim Records

Railcars // Said Sister 7”

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Really going to become poor with all of these new vinyl releases… The latest one to catch my eye is this Railcars 7”, release by Gold Robot Records, featuring two tracks from the early incarnation of the group. The creative creator of Railcars, Aria Jalali, provides the imaginative instrumentals for Side-A “B’s Skeleton” and Side-B “Saints Are Waiting” while singers Biljana Mirkovski and Dasha Bulatova, respectively, bring each track back down to planet earth with their vocals. Although this 7” is hot off the presses, the recording of it actually precedes the stellar Cathedral With No Eyes and Cities vs Submarines records — giving you insight into the “early sketches of Railcars brilliance.”

You can download the B-side below and head over to Gold Robot’s site to listen in on the A (and of course purchase the hyper-limited vinyl).

Railcars // Saints Are Waiting

The Mantles // Raspberry Thighs

Monday, April 25th, 2011

At this point in time, I think I probably should change the site’s name from “Part-Time Music” to “In Case You Missed It” because I no longer make any “hot off the presses” discoveries. Regardless, I’m going to stick with making belated picks because, for the most part, they are just too damn good not to talk about!

Take this track from San Francisco’s The Mantles that I snagged from Weekly Tape Deck a couple weeks back. Although the weather is super shitty in Utah right now, one listen to “Raspberry Thighs” melts away my late-winter/early-spring annoyance and gets me pumped with what the summer has to offer. Shimmering guitars: check. Airy keyboard chords: check. Easy-going vocals: check. I could unfold my tablecloth on the ground and have a picnic RIGHT NOW if it wasn’t so damn cold outside… *Sigh*

Cop the track below and if you live in France or love to pay international shipping, grab the 7” here.

The Mantles // Raspberry Thighs

The Diamond Center // Caraway

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Got a new track, “hot off the presses” (i.e. only a month ago) from former Lubbockites (present Richmonders?) The Diamond Center and man, it’s dense. A slow burner for sure, this 6 1/2 minute track is haunting throughout, starting with the slightly pitch-shifted opening chords and continuing with the monotonic vocals from singer Brandi Price, before smashing head-first into some killer reverbed-assisted guitar solos. For me, it’s very reminiscent to the drugged-out prog-rock ballads from decades ago…

Check out the track below in both audio and video form (directed by PT-Music favorites NervousRoomService). Also, pre-order the 7” featuring the track here.

The Diamond Center // Caraway

Reading Rainbow // Cover the Sky 7”

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Philly’s garage-pop duo Reading Rainbow have a new one-sided 7” coming out in mid-April on the killer Hell, Yes! label, featuring their track “Cover the Sky.” Super pumped about pre-ordering this one. Check out RR performing the song live, pre-SXSW, in Atlanta below as well as an mp3 download for my favorite (and probably everyone’s favorite) “Wasting Time”:

Reading Rainbow // Wasting Time

Gold Robot Records // Designed Entropy I

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I don’t know much more than what’s posted on Gold Robot Records’ site about how this record got put together but it seems to be a label sampler of sorts (although only two of the four artists featured on this jam-packed 7” have released further material with the label) centered around the “relationship between design, structure, and humanity” — a topic most musicians would have thoughts about.

The opening cut on the A-side is a gradually building electro-whimsical track by fellow bay area resident Bomarr which leads into the playful and appropriately titled “Karate Eyes” by Copy (yes, just Copy — no extra appendages) that is sure to please kids and adults alike with its bouncy beat. On the flipside, the piano-filled, Books inspired “Takitani Edit” by Meanest Man Contest certainly adheres to the architectural theme of the record while the show stopper, Roman Ruins’ “Plea for Performance”, is a simple collage of melodic electro-pulses, electric guitar, handclaps, and drums that nicely rounds out the 7”.

If addition to being a pleasant listen, Designed Entropy I gives a great indication of what Gold Robot Records is all about and should springboard you into the rest of their catalog. Check out the Meanest Man Contest track below (it’s been floating around the net for a while) and head over to the label’s bandcamp to hear more tracks.

Meanest Man Contest // Takitani Edit

Top 10 Cassettes / 7”s of 2010

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Really, this list could be “PT-Music’s Top Ten Cassettes/7”s of the latter half of 2010″ since almost every entry is from July forward. I don’t know what my deal was for the first part of 2010, but I guess I didn’t buy that many records. Anyways, in no particular order here are some of my favorite cassette and 7” releases from Oh Ten:

Angel Olsen // Strange Cacti

Easily my favorite cassette of the year. Released by my favorite tape label Bathetic Records (and quickly re-released to no avail – both “pressings” are sold-out), Olsen sweetly croons about love, loss, and lost love. At the surface level, you get a series of pleasant sounding singer/songwriter tracks which you eat up like candy, but when you start attentively listening to the lyrics and storytelling (not sure how much is story and how much is real life for Olsen) you discover the haunting undertones and the darker side of the songs. A truly breathtaking recording.
Angel Olsen // Creator, Destroyer

Ducktails // Lost

Another sold-out cassette (sorry guys! not meaning to rub it in your faces…), this instrumental by Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile “combines outtakes from the new record (Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics), plus some lost gems from the past year.” Although most of it is just Mondanile dicking around playing seemingly improvised guitar licks with innumerable combinations of pedals, it’s nice to get a intimate peak at how some of these songs are constructed from the ground up.
Ducktails // Hamilton Road

The Numerators // Human Blanket

Coming at you with six tracks in a whopping 10 minutes and 52 seconds, it’s no stretch to say that this cassette released by Brooklyn (via Lubbock) acid/garage rockers The Numerators packs a punch. Although not a replacement for their live show, you do get an idea of what the band’s about (most notably the spastic 28 second “Take It Easy” that leaves you asking “what the fuck just happened”) which, when talking about The Numerators, is no easy feat!
The Numerators // That’s So Raiden

Coasting // S/T

My favorite 7’’ of the year comes from a badass duo of Brooklyn garage-rockers Madison Farmer and Fiona Campbell. These ladies have no qualms about leaving your face smeared on the dashboard, taking you into warp speed 9 with their blazing guitar licks and fast-tempo drumming. What’s great about this Group Tightener release is that it includes my two favorite tracks: the instrumental shred-fest “Coasting” and the more subdued (with vocals!) noise ballad “Hots for Teacher”.
Coasting // Coasting

Memoryhouse // Caregiver

One of two Suicide Sqeeze 7’’s I bought this past year (the other being a Coathangers/Numerators split), this bedroom-pop record by Canadian dreamers Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion keeps pace with the myriad of mp3s released by the duo in 2010. Smooth and airy, it’s easy to get lost in the melodies and vocals of any Memoryhouse song with “Caregiver” and “Heirloom” (the two tracks featured on this 7’’) is not an exception.
Memoryhouse // Caregiver

Gobble Gobble // Lawn Knives

I don’t know if there is a musician who is held at such high esteem in the blog world as Cecil Frena. I’m by no means a noteworthy blogger, yet every e-mail I get from him is friendly, personalized, and – as expected with Gobble Gobble – highly interesting. After coming onto the scene like a nuclear explosion, blasting out mp3-after-mp3, a pair of “proper” releases (courtesy of Royal Rhino Records) finally graced our presence at the end of the year. For those who want an introduction to the spastic concoctions Cecil & Co. produce, the 7’’ is a perfect start.
Gobble Gobble // Lawn Knives

Magic Kids / Smith Westers // Split 7’’

My favorite split record from the past year, this Fat Possum released 7’’ features the raucous anthem-ready jam “Imagine Pt. 3” from Chicago underage indie-rockers Smith Westerns and the bouncy, light-hearted “Superball” from Memphis’s Magic Kids. The 7’’ also gets my album cover trophy of the year, with each band parodying a previous album’s cover from the other.
Magic Kids // Superball

Cosmetics // Sleepwalker

Although not as good as their previous Captured Tracks 7’’, “Sleepwalker” is a woozy, synth-heavy dance track that you’ve come to expect from the Canadian couple. Printed on clear vinyl (a nice touch!), this recording is almost too beautiful to play! When you finally decide to take the plunge and place a needle on it, you get transported to a nameless trendy club where upstairs they’re playing the A-side and downstairs, in the dark basement, their spinning the B.
Cosmetics // Sleepwalking

Seamonster // Two Birds

This five-track (!) 7’’ gives The Numerators a run for its money when it comes to bang-for-your-buck. Seamonster is the brainchild of Virgina’s self-professed “ambient/psychedelic/folk” musician Adrian Todd Webb, and with Two Birds you get just that: ambient/psych/folk tracks pieced together perfectly. Head over to Gold Robot Records to cop the release.
Seamonster // Oh Appalachia

Cloudland Canyon // Mothlight Pt. 2 | In the Cold

The first vinyl release from Bathetic Records and it’s a doozy! Smooth fuzzed out jams that you can seriously vibe out to — what more could you really want?
Cloudland Canyon // Mothlight (Part 2)

Sonny & The Sandwitches // Throw My Ashes 7”

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Man, is it just me or did 2010 suffer a major drought of good country/folk music? With only a handful of acts rising above the fold — none of which being good enough to even make my initial year end album list — Sonny Smith is here to save the day with the release of his 100 Records Box Set!

A small sliver of his massive project is available now through a 7” being released by Endless Nest. “Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die”, the opening track from the record, is a beautifully twangy track (faux circa 1950) assembled by Smith and his San Fran brethren, and PT-Music favorites, The Sandwitches. You can check out the song below and head over to the Endless Nest store to pick up the 7”:

Sonny & The Sandwitches // Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die