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Automatic Writing // Falling|Continuous

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

The dudes over at Automatic Writing write some bombastic electro-pop jams. Period. All it takes is a casual perusing of their Sound Cloud page to learn this. Evidently after a year of stewing, a pair of these said jams were ripe for vinyl, as the duo is releasing a 7” via their Bandcamp page.

“Falling” ping-pongs between industrial anthem — full of machine clanks and robotic clacks — and atmospheric drift with soaring synth lines sailing you above the fray. When vocals arrive, they match perfectly with whatever the supplied background is at the moment: cold, monotonic when the beat’s mechanical; loose and connecting over the lofty aerial sections.

Not to be outdone, “Continuous,” opens with a full thirty seconds of semi-static noise before the electro-beat drops and the dance floor invariably gets filled. The bass rumblings are attention-catching (especially the swells on the chorus), the vocals are entrancing, and the Born Gold-like flutters throughout are just the icing on the cake on one-hell-of-a fun track. Check out the track below:

Priests // Personal Planes

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Got a semi-new one the raucous noise/punk/garage DC rockers Priests (whose cassette from last year ranked as my unofficial favorite). “Personal Planes” has that twangy, biting guitar melody — a la Explode Into Colors and Finally Punk — that I just absolutely love. Just when your attention is at a maximum, guitars flare up and singer Katie Greer starts crying out with “personal planes” phrases before disintegrating into chaos. I loved the song so much I copped the 7” from M’Lady’s Records. Check it out below:

Cocktails // Hey Winnie

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Ahhhhh mannnnn! Finding gems like Cocktails is what makes trudging through innumerable promo e-mails and facebook messages worth it! The latest in a seemingly endless stream of San Francisco based garage pop acts, it was only natural for these guys to side with Bay Area compatriots Father/Daughter Records to release an upcoming 7” EP.

“Hey Winnie” is the on-deck song on the S/T EP, and boy is it a power track! Driving background guitars and buzzing electric solos make this barely two-minute track whiz by like a line-drive single up the base (can you tell I’m ready for baseball season?) With music like this, it’s no wonder Cocktails can squeeze four tracks on the paltry real estate provided by a 7”! Check out the song and the video below:

Cocktails // Hey Winnie

Snøskred // We Are 7”

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Surprised that no one in the blog-o-sphere has picked up on this Norwegian noise/pop (but not noise-pop) band yet…

Hashing out the Norwegian Bokmål from my rudimentary understanding of Danish, I’ve been able to glean that Snøskred is a five-piece band coming from Trondheim, Norway that has a sound between indie-rock and improvisation. “We Are” is a raucous anthem of a track — full of head-spinning guitar chords and driving drums — that somehow keeps the wheels from spinning out of control. The B-side “Huhti” (which you can stream via Spotify) is definitely more improvisational and tickles my fancy a bit more. All-in-all, a great 7” from a Norwegian band that five minutes ago I have never heard of! Can’t beat that for a Monday morning of cleaning out the old inbox…

SNØSKRED – We Are by Riot Factory

Seams // Tourist|Sleeper EP

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

What better way to celebrate the London Olympics than with a double-EP from one of my favorite British electronic artists, Seams! On Monday, he’s releasing a one-two punch with past EP Tourist and new EP Sleeper on vinyl via Full Time Hobby. For non-Brits, the wax price can be a bit steep (with international delivery and all), but you should definitely cop the mp3s. Stream the whole album through Hype Machine right now, or check out the solid two tracks “Potential” and “Punch” below:

Potential by seams

Punch by seams

Sleep Good // Monsanto 7”

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Considering my father works for the company, I found it amusing that a band (one from Texas, no less!) decided to release a record with Monsanto as the title. It’s a small world…

I guess Sleep Good’s 7” is a sort of antithesis of its namesake: instead of a raving, blood-thirsty, corporate machine, we are handed a ravishing, smooth-sailing, lo-fi stick-it-to-the-man pair of tracks — and of course, perfect for summer listening (what do you expect with an opener entitled “Summer Explosion)! Anything revolutionary on the 7”? Probably not, but it’s a great record that certainly made me check out (and download for freeeee) all the band’s other stuff!

Sleep Good // Summer Explosion

Sleep Good – Summer Explosion from sleep good on Vimeo.

Carnivores // Prom Night

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Carnivores is a four-piece garage rock band from Atlanta. On first listen, the spidery guitar intro and the sparse, drum-heavy arrangement of “Prom Night” reminded me of the former glory of Portland’s Explode Into Colors — a comparison that, in itself, is enough to excite. However, the resemblance fades at the bridge where the song breaks completely open courtesy of singer/keyboardist Caitlin Lang’s sprawling vocals of “Sheeeeee // she really loved the way you swore (?)…” before reverting back to the the Halloween-ish melody. Also, the jam-session at the concluding sixty seconds left a nice after taste in my mouth, urging me on to press reply at the end of each listen.

Download the track and check out the trippy vid below. You can cop the 7” via Double Phantom Records here.

Carnivores // Prom Night

Jesse Ruins // 7”

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Geez, everything that Double Denim Records releases is shear gold. Nine 7”s in (the majority of which I’ve already covered on this site), and they keep finding a way to knock my socks off. Their latest (and possibly greatest) comes courtesy of Tokyo’s soundscape creator Jesse Ruins. This dude is so good, he even caught the attention of The Guardian (with M83 and Grimes comparisons, nonetheless).

I’ll just let the music speak for itself with this one. Listen to the DD A-side “A Bookshelf Sinks Into The Sand” (which you can cop the 7” here) as well as an extra track “Sofija” that he produced a while back.

DD009 A1: Jesse Ruins // A Bookshelf Sinks Into The Sand by Double Denim Records

Sofija by Jesse Ruins

((sounder)) 7”

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

As promised, here are my two cents in two words on the new ((sounder)) 7”, out now on Mt. Inadale Records: It’s Awesome.

Oh where to begin… I’m usually not one to judge a book by it’s cover, but opening up the sleeve and seeing the cool (both in aesthetics and temperature) baby blue record was quite the treat. What can I say, I’m a sucker for colored vinyl.

As for the record itself, it’s a beautiful recording. The A-side “We’ll Turn the Coffins Into the Gardens” features front-and-center the sweet croonings of singer Mike Aho — who has a tinge of Band of Horses’ frontman Ben Bridwell in him. The lyrics are shear poetry, with a mid-stream intro line of “Not that I really mind the silence, that’s grown around me // like the weeds around the fence post” that is pure Joycean (à la Finnegan’s Wake). The B-side, “Don’t Bring It to Life,” is a perfect compliment to the more solemn A. With brass instruments, hand claps, and some verbal interjects in the background, ((sounder)) sounds like they are having a blast recording — something you don’t really see on too many tracks!

You can watch a live version of “We’ll Turn the Coffins Into the Gardens,” shot in their hometown of Austin, as well as some B&W footage of a previous track of theirs, “A War of the Coffee Table,” that’s just as good:

((sounder)) // 7” EP

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

If you live in Austin, go to this. If you live in the world, buy this. And if you like music, listen to this:

(full review forthcoming)