Railcars // Said Sister 7”

Really going to become poor with all of these new vinyl releases… The latest one to catch my eye is this Railcars 7”, release by Gold Robot Records, featuring two tracks from the early incarnation of the group. The creative creator of Railcars, Aria Jalali, provides the imaginative instrumentals for Side-A “B’s Skeleton” and Side-B “Saints Are Waiting” while singers Biljana Mirkovski and Dasha Bulatova, respectively, bring each track back down to planet earth with their vocals. Although this 7” is hot off the presses, the recording of it actually precedes the stellar Cathedral With No Eyes and Cities vs Submarines records — giving you insight into the “early sketches of Railcars brilliance.”

You can download the B-side below and head over to Gold Robot’s site to listen in on the A (and of course purchase the hyper-limited vinyl).

Railcars // Saints Are Waiting

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