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Reading Rainbow // Live Videos

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Reading Rainbow just posted on their blog a series of live videos from a recent gig in Pittsburgh featuring a 3-piece version of their group. Below are my favorites — stellar stuff!

Teen Witch // S/T EP

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Whoa, Whoa Whoa Records have been on a roll with killer back-to-back releases. First, they brought you some of that country twang with a twist courtesy of the Pakistani-American duo Sunny Ali & The Kid, and for their follow-up they got the equally noteworthy self-titled EP from the Brooklyn sound destroyers Teen Witch. Not too shabby for their first two releases!

The Teen Wolf cassette consists of nine minutes of in-yo-face mind-melting garage rock jams. Loud: check. Noisy: check. Sweet ass guitar solos: check.check.check. Good thing the tape’s one-sided because I don’t know if I could handle two rounds from an audio assault of this magnitude — it’s THAT intense.

You can stream the release in its entirety for today only, courtesy of Whoa Whoa’s soundcloud and be sure to slap down a Lincoln for the cassette here!


Nodzzz // Innings

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Following what seemed like the world’s shortest LP ever (I’m pretty sure it clocked in at the fifteen minute mark), San Francisco garage poppers Nodzzz has a more lengthy — albeit still not a standard length LP — follow-up, entitled Innings that’s getting the Woodsist treatment. One of the first cuts to hit the interweb of the new album is the two-minute parenthetical anthem “Time (What’s It Gonna Do?)” Brief, catchy, and a little on the weird end (at least the vocals), Nodzzz has you, well, nodding your head to the beat by the end of it. Check it out below:

Nodzzz // Time (What’s It Gonna Do?)

jj // A Bunch of Stuff

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Got inundated by a deluge of jj news from the past two days. The first are two brand new tracks that are part of the most outrageous record release imaginable, courtesy of the folks over at Sincerely Yours. For a paltry 100€, you can get this mini-release with one of ten “different, unique and handmade covers by jj and Malin Bernalt,” or for those not on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, you can download just the mp3s from Sincerely Yours’ website here (or check out my personal favorite below). Spring is definitely in the air…

The other news is that a video has surfaced for jj’s track “My Life / My Swag” — a cut from their very first release, appropriately entitled entitled jj n° 1 — depicting what can only be described as idyllic rural Swedish life. Take a look/listen:

jj // Ice

Railcars // Said Sister 7”

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Really going to become poor with all of these new vinyl releases… The latest one to catch my eye is this Railcars 7”, release by Gold Robot Records, featuring two tracks from the early incarnation of the group. The creative creator of Railcars, Aria Jalali, provides the imaginative instrumentals for Side-A “B’s Skeleton” and Side-B “Saints Are Waiting” while singers Biljana Mirkovski and Dasha Bulatova, respectively, bring each track back down to planet earth with their vocals. Although this 7” is hot off the presses, the recording of it actually precedes the stellar Cathedral With No Eyes and Cities vs Submarines records — giving you insight into the “early sketches of Railcars brilliance.”

You can download the B-side below and head over to Gold Robot’s site to listen in on the A (and of course purchase the hyper-limited vinyl).

Railcars // Saints Are Waiting

Mutual Benefit + Holy Spirits // Split 12”

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Friends of the blog Father/Daughter Records just sent out a release talking about an upcoming 12” split between PT-Music acoustic favorites Mutual Benefit and Brooklyn’s celestial musicians Holy Spirits. This unbelievably limited release (only 250 vinyl copies) is sure to sell out, so be sure to pre-order your copy at F/D’s store here (I know I will!).

If you need more convincing, you can check out a track from each band below (courtesy of Mark at yvynyl and Jheri at Get Off the Coast). Be prepared to be wrapped in a snuggie of warm harmonies and sing-along melodies…

Mutual Benefit // No Names
Holy Spirits // To the Shore

oOoOO // Plains Is Hot

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The more I spin past oOoOO tracks the more I dig them. I’ll be the first to admit I was a skeptic when the unorthodox naming conventions started to pop up — and it didn’t even have to be “Witch House” related (re: tUnE-yArDs) — but when they have proven talent, who gives a fuck how they spell their name. My love affair of oOoOO began with his No Summer4U CD-R (where the title track has appeared on several of my mixes), but I’ve just now gotten around to spinning his 2010 Tri-Angle released s/t EP and I got to say it’s just as amazing.

One of the standouts on the EP for me is the track “Plains Is Hot.” In traditional oOoOO fashion, the song is a slow-burner full of head-thumpin’ bass and delicate female vocals with a side-order of ethereal synths. Nicely accompanying the track is this unofficial video which splices up footage from Fernand Léger’s (yes, THAT Léger) Ballet Mécanique in the most creepy way possible. Enjoy!

oOoOO // Plains Is Hot

Can’t Get Enough Of… // Youth Lagoon

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Got to say, Idaho and I don’t have the best relationship. Over the past nine months, I’ve driven through it a half dozen times on my way to and from Portland, and have 1) gotten a flat tire, 2) pulled over by Highway Patrol, 3) got food poisoned, 4) perpetually frustrated by their drivers — so needless to say, the Gem state hasn’t lived up to its nickname in my eyes. If there is one redeeming quality of Idaho, it’s the beauty of the landscape. You really can’t say that you’ve seen a sunrise until you’ve seen it in Idaho.

With that being said, the tunes of Youth Lagoon give Idaho a second chance. Catching the attention of some of my favorite music bloggers, Trevor Powers’ momentum building tunes have your ears perked at the start and your fists pumping by the end. With only three tracks to his name (and more to come via a 10” on Juno Beach Records), it’s tough to get an accurate assessment, but man, I’m super excited about what this kid has in store!

You can cop two of the tracks from The Year of Hibernation from his bandcamp page and stream a third, entitled “Montana”, below:

Montana by Youth Lagoon

Memoryhouse // Sleep Patterns

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

They’re back… After their massive output of 2010 had been reduced to a trickle piano snippets and half composed songs at the start of 2011, my favorite Canadians, and recent Sub Pop signees, Memoryhouse are back with a new track via Sub Pop’s sampler. “Sleep Patterns” is just the latest example of what Memoryhouse does best: instant hypnotism courtesy of Denise Nouvion’s sleepy vocals and Evan Abeele’s lightly shimmering guitar work. Man, I really missed this band….

MemoryHouse – Sleep Patterns by subpop

Grimes // Heartbeats (Laurel Halo Remix)

Friday, May 6th, 2011

[Photo: Chuck Rogers]

I’ve got an idea! Let’s smash together my two most recent obsessions on a track and see what happens. That’s what Laurel Halo decided to do by reworking Grimes’s “Heartbeats” into a cosmic swirl of audio foam. Check out the magic below (courtesy of the always great Disco Naïveté):

Grimes // Heartbeats (Laurel Halo Remix)