Emily Reo // Live at Will’s Pub

Have no clue where I downloaded this live set of Emily Reo or what city it was even recorded from (but if the Reo’s exclamation of “Jheri, he’s kind of famous” is any indication, that might answer both questions), but nonetheless I feel inclined to post about it.

Although I don’t possess a tangible copy by anything of Reo (my suspicions that her Witch Mtn. Cassette was out-of-print seems to be unfounded), my digital library is scattered throughout with references to the singer. Whether it is with her collaborations (Blackbird Blackbird, Craft Spells, Philip Seymour Hoffman) or her original material, anytime is always the right time when it comes to listening to her stuff.

Although the live tracks I have of hers can be counted on one hand, each one is an endearing gem. You can check out my two favorites from her performance at Will’s Pub (including a Built to Spill cover) below and be sure to grab her Witch Mtn release for a pay-what-you-want price here.

Emily Reo // Metal On Your Skin

Emily Reo // Car (Built to Spill Cover)

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