Gold Robot Records // Designed Entropy I

I don’t know much more than what’s posted on Gold Robot Records’ site about how this record got put together but it seems to be a label sampler of sorts (although only two of the four artists featured on this jam-packed 7” have released further material with the label) centered around the “relationship between design, structure, and humanity” — a topic most musicians would have thoughts about.

The opening cut on the A-side is a gradually building electro-whimsical track by fellow bay area resident Bomarr which leads into the playful and appropriately titled “Karate Eyes” by Copy (yes, just Copy — no extra appendages) that is sure to please kids and adults alike with its bouncy beat. On the flipside, the piano-filled, Books inspired “Takitani Edit” by Meanest Man Contest certainly adheres to the architectural theme of the record while the show stopper, Roman Ruins’ “Plea for Performance”, is a simple collage of melodic electro-pulses, electric guitar, handclaps, and drums that nicely rounds out the 7”.

If addition to being a pleasant listen, Designed Entropy I gives a great indication of what Gold Robot Records is all about and should springboard you into the rest of their catalog. Check out the Meanest Man Contest track below (it’s been floating around the net for a while) and head over to the label’s bandcamp to hear more tracks.

Meanest Man Contest // Takitani Edit

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