Memoryhouse // Caregiver 7”

I was super pumped when I got my second Memoryhouse 7” in the mail (courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records) yesterday and I played it pretty much non-stop until I fell asleep early this morning.

The ten minutes of music on this condensed vinyl is split more-or-less evenly between the two sides. “Caregiver” is an ethereal piece fit for the standard headphone listen which is sure to please the hoards of converts that have gravitated to their bedroom-pop tunes over the past year. Although lacking the instant attraction as other Memoryhouse tracks, it’s a pleasant enough song that I’ll probably not skip when playing their discography (or more accurately, mp3ography) straight through.

Now the B-side is where I got the tingles. The more uptempo “Heirloom” is about as close to a “Radium Girls” as the band has got since, well, “Radium Girls”. With a more filled out instrumentation (it’s amazing how much the inclusion of simple live drums does for you), this is the type of band I would love to see live: delicate, yet powerful. You can stream the track below courtesy of Memoryhouse’s Soundcloud:

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