Seapony // Dreaming 7”

After sifting through about a billion e-mails and separating the wheat from the chaff, it became apparent that one band in particular had risen past the doldrums of generic fuzz-rock and bedroom-pop tracks that clutter my inbox on a daily basis. Kind of surprising that in the gray and dreary city of Seattle a band like Seapony can churn out some of the most brightly tracks I’ve heard since Cults burst onto the scene a half year back (has it been that long?).

With a digital EP already under their belt, the trio is set to jump into the physical realm by releasing a three track 7” on the upstart (and label of the year candidate) Double Denim Records imprint. Opening with the infectious (and heavily publicized) track “Dreaming”, it takes almost no time to fall in love with the band. By the time you go through the Best Coast-tinged “So Low” and the all-to-appropriately titled track “Late Summer”, your instant enthusiasm has turned into a rabid obsession, making you unable to get enough of the band!

You can check out “Dreaming” below and stream the remainder of the 7” through their bandcamp page. Also, you can order both The Seapony 7” and the Blackbird Blackbird/PaoPao split 7” for £7.50 (£11.00/$17.00 if you’re shipping to The States) for a limited time, so take advantage of that offer.

Seapony // Dreaming

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