Stalker // “final_1″

Still don’t know much about Chicago slow-mo beat maker Stalker, but if they keep making these molasses-flowing jams at the rate they’ve been doing recently, I think I can live with the veil of anonymity. Their latest track, the casually named “final_1″, is anything but a half-hazardly composed demo one might expect from the title. Coming in at a cool 52 bpm, the song is one of the fastest in Stalker’s repertoire. Maybe it’s a by-product of the increased speed or maybe I’m just getting used to listening to their songs, but “final_1″ seems to go down a lot easier than past tracks — resulting in more head-nodding and less twinges of uneasiness due to the crawling pace.

You can download an mp3 of the track below and, if you like it, check out a trio of other tracks from Stalker’s myspace page.

Stalker // final_1

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  1. stalker says:


    mixtape might be a bit more “challenging” of a listen :)

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