Allah Las // “Long Journey”

It seems like the folks at Adult Acid are slowly becoming my de facto source when it comes to finding out about new lo-fi garage rock acts. Take the LA tapedeck-recorded surf-rock jams by the LA group Allah Las which AA posted about a couple weeks back: AMAZING!

How “glo-fi” was the critic’s pick for genre of the year in ’09, it seems that lately there has been a resurgence in feel-good surf-inspired music which is having people trade in their laptops for tangible instruments — and I couldn’t be happier! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy plenty of these electro-nostalgic groups, but after getting saturated by them for most of last year, it’s refreshing to hear catchy beach jams featuring twangy guitar recalling the 50s and 60s rather than the 80s vibe that “chillwave” groups use extensively.

Regardless how you feel of the different genre du jours, everybody can get behind the psychedelic tinged pop-gems that the Allah Las produce. Setting up the track nicely, “Long Journey” intros with a boogying bass line before transitioning to the easy-listening technicolor melody which I could see being used in the opening intro for some of Quentin Tarantino’s latest films. After a handful of “AaahhhhHHHHs” (appropriate for a group called the Allah Las), the first verse begins with “It’s been a long, long ride / I don’t know where I’ll stay tonight / under the stars / or maybe in the bed alright” — which, if the band was around for the Woodstock-era, would have resonated well with the nomadic hippy lifestyle. In fact, most of the track has a time-capsule feel to it, with its guitar-featuring bridges and drawn-out syllables of the vocals; transporting you back to your parents’ generation when people were spinning vinyl out of necessary rather than for appearance.

Below are a couple of handheld tape-recorded tracks the Allah Las sent my way that I’ve been digging. These are mostly in demo form (the band is planning on going to the studio the next couple of weeks to thrown down “Long Journey” and “Catamaran” for an upcoming 7” release), so no doubt they are a bit rough around the edges, however, they still make for a GREAT listen. There are also a bunch more “forgotten tracks, ideas, demos, etc…” on their muxtape page, so if you like what you hear below, check it out!

Allah Las // Long Journey

Allah Las // High Places

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5 Responses to “Allah Las // “Long Journey””

  1. Thurston M says:

    I’m really diggin these guys

  2. raw B says:


    more allah las please.

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  4. Cautboie says:

    These kids are soo hot! Soo groovy! Soo Talented! When the hell is someone gonna sign them?

  5. St.James says:

    So digging the Allah-Las. Got their cd after seeing them play at Footsies and they were every bit as good live as on the disc. Playing it to death, love that mid-sixties Seeds-ish sound. Good stuff.

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