SXSW ’10 Preview #4 // Reading Rainbow

With a vanity myspace URL of levarmotherfuckingburton, it’s obvious that Philadelphia noise-rock duo Reading Rainbow exploits its PBS namesake (hosted by a certain VISOR-wearing Star Trek alum). However, the similarities end with the moniker, because Robbie Garcia and Sarah Everton’s music is anything but kid friendly.

Lo-fi and noisy even by lo-fi and noisy established standards, every Reading Rainbow track is an auditory assault on the ear drums — it’s like I can feel my cochlea yelling at me everytime I listen to them. However, unlike pure-noise bands like AIDS Wolf and Pre, there are nuggets of melody that help keep you upright when you are being dragged through the rough. Although not used as expertly as Wavves (I can feel the backlash already), the sing-along lyrics, like the closing lines “who can direct us where to go / my mind is made up / the answer’s no” on the recently released “Underground”, are certainly more than enough to pique your interest and at least get you excited thinking about what a 30 minute SXSW set of theirs would look like!

Currently, Reading Rainbow are prepping another album before heading towards Austin in March. They’re slated to play a hell of a lot of shows (most notably Weekly Tape Deck’s AWESOME showcase), so if you’re on 6th St. during the festival, it will be difficult to NOT see them. Here are two tracks to let you in on what Reading Rainbow is about:

Reading Rainbow // Underground

Reading Rainbow // The Sun Is Out

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  1. anon says:

    but did you know they had a 7″ out on zoo music

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