SXSW ’10 Preview #2 // The Good The Bad

In comparison to their northern neighbors, Denmark doesn’t have as much of a reputation for being a musical hotspot. However, there are several Danish bands trying to change their country’s image and one of the latest and greatest is the surf rock group The Good The Bad.

I was fortunate enough to catch this band perform during the first warm-up day of the 2008 Roskilde Festival, where I just happened upon their set midway through and was astonished by the amount of energy they possessed. Going the strictly instrumental route (from the band: “We don’t need a vocalist anyway. The music speaks for itself. We use the music so we don’t have to say ‘I Love You’”), the group is a complete 180 from the cerebral acts like Explosions in the Sky or Eluvium — opting to rock out rather than create delicate soundscapes.

Playing mostly low-key venues in Copenhagen and around Europe, there is no doubt in my mind that they will shine at the dingy bar/club scene that’s 6th St. in Austin. Not only that, but with a sound that’s tailor made for the next Tarrantino film, they are sure to please the festival goers with their high intensity surf & flamenco tracks. With a spectacle to match the music, this group is a must see for SXSW ’10. Check out this live video from one of their shows in Copenhagen:

If you like the music, you can grab track #1 from their cleverly titled 001-004 EP here at the cost of an e-mail address, and, if their facebook page can be trusted, an LP seems to be on the horizon — so be on the lookout!

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3 Responses to “SXSW ’10 Preview #2 // The Good The Bad”

  1. troy says:

    The official showcase for the band will be
    MOMO’s Saturday night 10am
    don’t miss this show!

  2. If you’re curious to know, and hear, more about this actually rather amazing band, we did a dull live session with them and you can see it on our site, for free:

    sure, this is kind of spam, but only because of a sheer love of TGTB.

  3. bryant says:

    Hey cool! Thanks for the info + the video. I really love this band!

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