Seams // “Nightcycles” (Shells Remix)

A couple of weeks back I came across an awesome video from London electronic artist Seams (aka James Welch) for his track “Glitch” that made me want to play Lemmings really badly. Well today Welch passed along another gem of a song — this time a remix of his hypnotic track “Nightcycles” from fellow UK artist Shells.

Even by cutting the 7+ minute playback time of the original in half, Shells is still able to fully develop the song by giving it more momentum through an added trap drum set and a prominent chime-like bell line. Although the differences are noticeable, the remix still adheres to the dream-like tone set by Seams’ version. The trance inducing quarter note swells are still present as is the apt vocal sample “I saw colors / like I was floating on a cloud”, keeping the song in the sky, just not high up in the exosphere.

At the cost of an e-mail address, you can snag the original from Seams’ website while you can check out the remix below:

Seams // Nightcycles (Shells Remix)

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