Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk // “Jeremy Irons Couple Skate”

No doubt in the running for most long-winded band name of the decade, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk passed along an interesting new track from their upcoming release entitled Skeletor & Me. I think the most apt description of them comes from their artist’s page on their label’s website: “born in the belly of a whale, discovered by the kool-aid man.” Certainly from the likes of some of their songs it would be fair to say they are a pleasant surprise from the cookie-cutter “indie” musicians these days.

Recorded in their aunt’s basement here in Oregon, as expected, the track oozes with lo-fi goodness filled with reverb effects giving it a bit of an off-kilter feel. When listening to “Jeremy Irons Couple Skate” I can’t help but think it’s a perfect soundtrack to one of those movies that cut between scenic landscapes during the opening credits and, if filmed a couple of years earlier, would have been the second choice behind The White Stripes’ “We Are Going to be Friends” for the beginning scene of Napoleon Dynamite. As pointed out by others, the track certainly conjures up a feeling of travel which the band will be intimately familiar with while on their upcoming extensive US tour. I can’t wait to catch their February 11 Portland date and see them live and in all their glory.

You can check out “Jeremey Irons Couple Skate” as well as a track off their prior Eek Shriek Beak EP below:

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk // Jeremy Irons Couple Skate

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk // Our Girls [Via: IGIF]

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