Can’t Get Enough Of… // The Sandwitches

The Sandwitches are a quaint indie-pop band hailing from San Francisco, one of the epicenters of music for the past couple of years (See: Girls, Thee Oh Sees, The Dodos, etc…). Bucking the trend of most lo-fi “summertime feel” acts these days with psychedelic infused tunes, this all-girl trio invokes harmonies from the 50s layered over chirpy guitar melodies to create that feel-good vibe. Catchy as hell, it’s hard not to find yourself tapping your feet and humming the chorus when you hear their songs — especially the wildly infectious “Back to Sea”.

So far they have one full length LP humorously titled How to Make Ambient Sadcake out now on Turn Up Records. I haven’t procured their full length yet, but I have ordered their most recent 7” as advertised on GvB. Take a look at a recent video posted by Weekly Tape Deck:

The Sandwitches // Back to the Sea

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